About Us
Our Story

Dapstream Music was founded as a label service by DJ LYTMAS; It primarily involved helping artists on matters Distribution,YouTube Managemnt and Marketing.Its name was later changed to Dapstrem Entertainment on August 2017 as an issue of Name Conflict on search console with a Media Company with an almost a similar Name

In 2018 Dapstrem Entertainment partnered with Zojak Worldwide extending its operations to the Jamaican Market 

Dapstrem Entertainment Affiliated with Zojak Worldwide to manage the african digital Market.

Dapstrem Entertainment has managed to distribute an ever growing catalog of over 20000   . 

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Dapstrem Entertainment is a Legally operating Business in Kenya

Dapstrem Entertainment Operates with the legal guidelines of the Kenyan Government.

Our Team

Meet the awesome team that keeps Dapstrem Entertainment Moving.

DJ Ocheezy

DJ Services,Graphics and Design

Merrick Alvids

Artists Content Manager 

Beka Boy

Artist Content Manager.

Elsie Essie

Marketing Manager.